A small country sandwiched between the Baltic Sea and Belarus, Lithuania is not a regular backdrop for a political drama. Even less common is to see its fate drive the plot of a 95 minute black-and-white film, based on real-life events and set in 1938, at the dusk of…

Dir. Marko Škop, Slovakia. Seen at Eastern Neighbours Film Festival (followed by Q&A with the director), The Hague, November 2019.

Disappearances, disrespect, spending too much time online: how do you distinguish between teenagers ‘being teenagers’, and something much darker going on? Let There Be Light explores this through the…

Bondarchuk at the Borderlands

Dir. Roman Bondarchuk, Ukraine. Seen at Eastern Neighbours Film Festival, The Hague, November 2019.

As a young OSCE interpreter from Kyiv, Lukas is tasked with accompanying foreign experts on observation missions to the conflict-affected southern and eastern corners of Ukraine. On the journey south, the team’s SUV breaks down…


My recommendations to help you overcome the 1-inch-tall barrier of subtitles ~ work @ IFFR

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